Breast Lift Scar Placement: What to Expect After Surgery

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One of the most common questions Dr. MacArthur gets about breast lift surgery is about the scars left after surgery. This post aims to provide insights into the types of scars that result from a breast lift, their placement, and the general scar healing process. Types of Breast Lift Scars There are primarily three types of breast lift incisions, each … Read More

How Much Is a Breast Lift in Ottawa, Ontario?

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Breast lift surgery raises and firms the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue. Like many cosmetic procedures, the cost can vary significantly based on various factors. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what determines the cost of a breast lift and what’s generally included. The Cost of Breast Lift in Ottawa and How its Determined. As of … Read More

Why Do Most Women Get a Breast Lift With Breast Augmentation?

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Given the rising popularity of breast augmentation surgery, many women are now opting to combine breast implant surgery with a breast lift. Breast implants raise and reshape the breasts, while a breast lift repositions them into a higher and more natural position. Though combining both procedures may seem redundant, doing so is beneficial for achieving larger lifted breasts with improved … Read More

How Can a Breast Lift Fix My Sagging Breasts?

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Excess sagging skin, due to weight loss or breastfeeding, can cause our breasts to look deflated. Breast Lift surgery is a popular cosmetic surgery to correct this. A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that can help reduce sagging in the breasts. The procedure involves reshaping the tissue and removing any excess skin to create … Read More