Tummy Tuck in Ottawa by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Are you struggling with stubborn fat, sagging skin, or stretch marks on your abdominal area? Does it seem like you cannot lose excess belly fat even with a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine? If yes, you are not alone. These are the most popular reasons patients see Dr. MacArthur for tummy tuck surgery.

A tummy tuck is the ultimate solution to create a slimmer, tighter, more contoured abdomen.

Dr. MacArthur is an Award-Winning, Top Rated Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Ottawa, specializing in tummy tuck surgery. He is known as the go-to tummy tuck surgeon in Ontario, Canada.

Dr. MacArthur operates out of Ottawa's busiest plastic surgery centers for tummy tuck surgery and body contouring. He is Board Certified with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and the Medical Director of New Age Medical Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery.

If you have a preferred surgery date, do not wait until it's too late. Call our Patient Coordinators at (613) 595-1880 to reserve your consultation today.

Tummy Tuck Before & After New Age in Ottawa

What is a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy Tuck surgery targets three tissues: abdominal skin, fat, and muscle. Stubborn fat, excess skin, and stretch marks are the primary reasons why patients seek tummy tuck surgery.

Significant weight loss and post-pregnancy changes can leave the skin stretched out and sagging. Gravity and age can also contribute to overall laxity in the abdominal area.

A full tummy tuck eliminates excess skin and fat on the front of the abdomen. This procedure is a popular choice for people who have lost a significant amount of weight and results in a flatter, slimmer, more athletic abdominal area.

Sometimes, excessive subcutaneous fat is present in the abdominal area. In these cases, liposuction creates more sculpted and defined results.

With a past pregnancy, there's often separation of the abdominal muscles. This separation is normal post-pregnancy but can result in abdominal bulging and back pain. If muscle separation occurs, Dr. MacArthur can suture the muscles back together to achieve a slimmer, more sculpted look.

Tummy Tuck Before & After Photos, New Age Ottawa, Ontario

Dr. Ian MacArthur is a Top Rated, Award-Winning Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Ottawa, Ontario, specializing in tummy tuck surgery.

New Age Plastic Surgery Ottawa Tummy Tuck

Your Custom Tummy Tuck Surgery With Dr. Ian MacArthur

Tummy Tuck surgery takes 2 to 4 hours under general anesthesia. You will be comfortable and sleep during surgery.

When you wake up, a bandage and binder will be on your abdomen. The binder is an elastic compression device that helps decrease swelling and provides support post-surgery.

Most patients take 2 weeks off work, which can vary depending on their job. You will be asked to wear a binder for about 4 weeks. After this point, there are no further physical restrictions unless Dr. MacArthur informs you otherwise.

Tummy Tuck in Ottawa Top Rated

Types of Tummy Tucks:

New Age Medical Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery offers four types of tummy tuck surgery.

A tummy tuck can be performed with liposuction, breast implants, and a breast lift. These additional procedures can improve the results of your tummy tuck with more definition and a beautiful new contour. A "Mommy Makeover" refers to combining multiple procedures into one operation. Dr. Ian MacArthur often performs multiple procedures in one operation.

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Tummy tuck New Age Aesthetics Ottawa

Tummy Tuck Cost in Ottawa, Ontario

Tummy Tuck Surgery typically starts at $13,000. Dr. MacArthur will determine the exact cost of your tummy tuck during your initial consultation. 

Affordable monthly payment plans are available through a financing company we work with called BeautifiYou can get approved online in 2 minutes once you get a quote from our clinic.

Your surgery will be custom tailored according to your desired aesthetic results. To get an exact quote, please call (613) 595-1880 to reserve a consultation. Our Patient Coordinators are happy to help you.

Am I a good candidate for a tummy tuck?

Proper candidates for tummy tuck surgery are those in good health, at a stable weight, and have realistic expectations. Smoking, certain medical conditions, or plans for future pregnancies may make you a less suitable candidate. Dr. MacArthur will discuss this in detail during your initial consultation.

Tummy Tuck scars

The type of tummy tuck determines the size and placement of the scar. Dr. MacArthur will strategically place your incision lines in well-hidden areas. During your consultation, Dr. MacArthur will discuss the size and location of your incision lines in detail.

What is a mini tummy tuck?

A mini tummy tuck specifically targets areas below the belly button.

What is a Fleur-de-lis tummy tuck?

This tummy tuck creates a 'T' shaped scar (a vertical and horizontal incision line) for removing excess skin.

How long is the recovery after a tummy tuck? 

Most people need 2 weeks off work after a tummy tuck. Full recovery may take up to 6 weeks. Dr. MacArthur will provide you with specific instructions on how to care for your abdomen through recovery.

Liposuction with Tummy tuck

Most patients get Liposuction with their tummy tuck to achieve a more sculpted midsection.

If you are interested in more contoured and defined results, Liposuction with a tummy tuck is a great option.

Can I get a tummy tuck if I'm overweight?

Tummy tuck surgery is not a weight loss procedure. Ideally, you should be at or near your ideal weight for at least 6 months before your initial consultation. If you lose or gain weight after your initial consultation, you will need a new quote because your surgical plan will change. Being overweight at the time of surgery increases the risk of complications.

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What can I do to minimize scarring?

Dr. MacArthur may recommend medical-grade skincare, bandages, and lifestyle changes like quitting smoking to promote better healing and minimize scarring.

Can a tummy tuck Remove stretch marks?

Yes, a tummy tuck removes stretch marks located on the excess skin that is being removed, typically stretch marks below the belly button.

How should I prepare for the surgery?

Dr. MacArthur will give you specific instructions, including diet and medication changes, lifestyle changes (quitting smoking), and arranging for help during recovery.

Will a tummy tuck remove loose skin after weight loss? 

Yes, one of the main purposes of a tummy tuck is to remove loose, excess skin.

Will a tummy tuck remove loose skin after weight loss? 

Yes, one of the main purposes of a tummy tuck is to remove loose, excess skin.

Can a tummy tuck fix abdominal Muscle separation?

Yes, one of the goals of a tummy tuck is to tighten separated abdominal muscles for a more defined and sculpted look.

What are the alternatives to a tummy tuck?

Alternatives include diet and exercise, liposuction (for fat removal without skin tightening), or non-surgical skin tightening procedures.

What's the difference between a tummy tuck and liposuction?

A tummy tuck removes excess skin and tightens muscles, in addition to removing fat. Liposuction only removes fat.

What are the long-term effects of a tummy tuck? 

A tummy tuck provides long-term results if weight is maintained. Aging and life events like pregnancy or significant weight gain will affect results.

Will the results be permanent? 

While the procedure permanently removes fat cells and excess skin, future weight gain or pregnancies can affect the results.

When can I start exercising after a tummy tuck?

You can resume light activity 2-3 weeks after surgery. However, you should avoid heavy exercise and lifting for 6 weeks.

Will I lose weight from a tummy tuck? 

Some weight loss occurs because Dr. MacArthur physically removes skin and fat during surgery. However, a tummy tuck is not intended as a weight loss procedure.

How long do I have to wear a compression garment?

You may be advised to wear a compression garment for several weeks to help reduce swelling and support healing.

Before & After Photos, Tummy Tuck New Age Ottawa, Ontario

Dr. Ian MacArthur is a Top Rated Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Ottawa specializing in tummy tuck surgery. If you have a preferred surgery date, call our Patient Coordinators to reserve your consultation today. Visit our Before and After Photo Gallery for Tummy Tuck surgery to see more photos.

Tummy Tuck Ottawa before and after
Tummy Tuck Ottawa before and after

Top Rated Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Ottawa

Dr. Ian MacArthur is Ottawa's Top Rated Plastic Surgeon specializing in Body Contouring Surgery.

The surgeon you select is the determining factor for the results you will achieve. When selecting a Plastic Surgeon, it's essential to understand that the cost of surgery is determined by the surgeon's experience, expertise, and surgical talent.

Surgery with a Top Rated, Award-Winning Plastic Surgeon will cost more compared to less experienced surgeons. However, getting surgery done by a less qualified surgeon is much more expensive in the long run. At New Age, a big part of Dr. Ian MacArhur's practice is correcting another plastic surgeon's previous work. Botched cases are very costly to fix.

Choosing the right surgeon is the number one most important step to take. Take your time, and do your research.

How To Choose The Best Plastic Surgeon for Tummy Tuck in Ottawa:

1. Research: Do tons of research to find out what board-certified plastic surgeons are available in your area, and most importantly, read reviews. Ensure the surgeon you select is highly experienced and well-respected in the field.

2. Consultations: Schedule consultations with each potential surgeon to help you choose the best one. Ask all your questions, and don’t forget to review your preferred surgeons before and after photos.

3. Medical Credentials: Check to ensure the plastic surgeon you select is certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, The Canadian Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, The Ontario Medical Association, and The College Of Physicians and Surgeons Ontario.

4. Facility & Staff: Make sure the facility and staff are experienced and can offer quality care for you before and after your surgical procedure.

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Specializing in Tummy Tuck Surgery

Dr. Ian MacArthur is one of Canada's most sought-after plastic surgeons for tummy tuck surgery.

If you have a preferred surgery date, do not wait until it's too late. Call (613) 595-1880 to reserve a consultation. Our Patient Coordinators are happy to help you.

Key Benefits of Seeing a Plastic Surgeon Specializing in Tummy Tuck Surgery:

1. Expertise: A plastic surgeon specializing in tummy tuck surgery has the required technical expertise to provide the best outcomes.

2. Safety: Specialists in tummy tuck surgery are better prepared to identify and address any possible risks associated with your procedure.

3. Experience: Plastic surgeons specializing in tummy tuck surgery have extensive experience performing tummy tuck surgeries. Therefore, you can expect a safer surgical experience and optimal results.

4. Comfort: When going through a tummy tuck, feeling comfortable with your plastic surgeon is essential. Seeing a specialist in this field provides a sense of security and trust.

5. Results: Because of their expertise and experience, plastic surgeons specializing in tummy tuck surgery can often achieve superior aesthetic results.

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