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Saggy Skin & Strech Mark Removal by Tummy Tuck

Courtney Martin
November 23, 2023
Excess Skin and Stretch Mark Removal Tummy Tuck Ottawa

A tummy tuck is a transformative procedure for patients struggling with excess abdominal skin. Saggy excess skin and stretch mark removal through tummy tuck surgery is a popular procedure to create a tighter, smoother, and more sculpted abdominal profile. Tummy tuck surgery is sought after by patients who have undergone significant weight loss or post-pregnancy changes, which often result in loose, saggy skin and weakened abdominal muscles.

Am I A Good Candidate For Excess Skin Removal?

Good candidates for excess skin removal by tummy tuck surgery are typically patients in good general health, have realistic expectations, and actively maintain their weight at or near their ideal body weight. Key factors for good candidates include:

  1. Excess Skin: Patients with loose, saggy skin in the abdominal area.
  2. Post-Pregnancy: Women who have stretched abdominal muscles and skin from pregnancy.
  3. Weight Loss: People who have lost weight and are left with excess sagging skin that does not improve with diet or exercise.
  4. Aging: Older patients who have lost skin elasticity due to aging.

Benefits of Excess Skin Removal by Tummy Tuck

The main benefits of a tummy tuck include:

  1. Improves Body Contour: Tummy tuck surgery results in a beautiful silhouette and firmer abdominal profile.
  2. Tightens Muscles: This procedure can repair and tighten stretched or separated abdominal muscles after pregnancy.
  3. Improves Comfort: Removing excess skin can alleviate physical discomforts like irritation and chafing. Your clothes will fit better.
  4. Enhances Confidence: It often boosts self-esteem and body image. Patients report feeling more comfortable and confident, which results in engaging in more social activities.

Will My Stretch Marks be Removed?

A tummy tuck can remove some stretch marks, particularly on the skin that has been physically removed during surgery, usually below the belly button. However, it’s important to note that this procedure cannot remove all your stretch marks. The extent of stretch mark improvement depends on the location of your stretch marks and the amount of excess skin to be removed.

During your initial consultation with Dr. MacArthur, you will know what results to expect for stretch mark removal.

To learn more about tummy tuck surgery, visit our tummy tuck page.

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