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How To Fix Saggy Breasts After Weight Loss

Courtney Martin
January 7, 2024
How to fix saggy Breasts After weight loss Ottawa New Age

Weight loss, especially if significant, often leaves excess skin that causes breasts to lose volume and sag, resulting in a more flattened, deflated, droopy shape.

Expected Changes in Breast Shape, Size, and Profile After Weight Loss

  1. Loss of Volume: Breasts lose volume and begin to droop. This is because our breasts contain fat; when we lose weight, we also lose fat in our breasts.
  2. Sagging: Stretched and sagging skin around the breasts from weight fluctuation does not typically shrink to its original state; this often results in a droopy, more elongated shape.
  3. Asymmetry: It’s entirely normal for breasts to be asymmetrical; however, weight loss can accentuate this difference if the fat loss is uneven between the two breasts.
  4. Nipple & Areola Changes: The position of the nipples and areolas (dark skin around the nipple) often point downward due to the elongated and flattened shape of the breasts. In some cases, the areola may also become stretched.
  5. Skin Texture Changes: The skin on and around the breasts may have stretch marks due to the change in size.

Breast lift surgery can significantly improve aesthetics, confidence, and comfort if you have undergone massive weight loss. Here are some of the key improvements:

  1. Revitalizes Breast Contour: A breast lift can reshape breast tissue, resulting in a more rounded and youthful appearance.
  2. Corrects Sagging: Breast lift surgery physically removes excess sagging skin, uplifting the breasts to a higher position on the chest.
  3. Improves Nipple & Areola Placement: Dr. MacArthur can reposition your nipples and areolas higher up on your breasts to create a more natural and balanced appearance. If your areolas have changed shape or stretched, Dr. MacArthur can make them smaller and more proportionate to your breasts’ new size and shape. 
  4. Improves Symmetry: A breast lift can restore symmetry and balance, ensuring that both breasts are of similar position, shape, and size.
  5. Enhances Comfort & Confidence: Apart from aesthetic improvements, a breast lift can improve clothing fit and reduce skin irritation under the breasts, a common problem with excess, sagging skin.
  6. Customization: Dr. MacArthur will personalize your breast lift surgery to your unique needs. During consultation, Dr. MacArhtur will guide you on what can be achieved based on your specific body type, the extent of weight loss, and the type of breast list required to achieve your aesthetic goals.

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