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How Do I Choose the Right Implant Size for Breast Augmentation?

Courtney Martin
July 17, 2023
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When considering breast augmentation surgery, one of the most important decisions you will make is choosing the right size of breast implants.

It’s not as simple as picking a size you like, as several factors, from your anatomy to your lifestyle, need to be considered to achieve a beautiful, natural result. This post will provide a detailed overview of how Dr. Ian MacArthur, Ottawa’s Award-Winning Plastic Surgeon, will guide you through this process.

Initial Consultation

The journey to determining the perfect breast implant size begins with an initial consultation. During this meeting, your plastic surgeon will discuss your goals for the surgery, ask about your medical history, and perform a physical examination. Having a clear vision of your desired results is essential, as this helps Dr. MacArthur propose a suitable implant size. At the time of consultation, most patients show Dr. MacArthur photos of the look they are going for.

Considering Your Body Frame & Anatomy

Your body’s existing anatomy is the primary factor in determining the right implant size. Dr. MacArthur will consider factors such as your chest width, existing breast tissue, and skin elasticity.

  • Chest Width: This is measured from one breast fold to the other across your sternum. It helps determine the width of the implant needed to suit your frame.
  • Existing Breast Tissue: The amount and distribution of your existing breast tissue can influence the size and shape of the implant. Enough tissue is necessary to cover the implant and provide natural results.
  • Skin Elasticity: Skin elasticity can limit the size of the implant.

Evaluating Your Lifestyle & Personal Preferences

Your lifestyle and personal preferences also play a significant role in determining the right implant size. Consider a smaller, more manageable implant size if you’re physically active and engage in sports or exercises like running, yoga, or weightlifting.

Utilizing Sizing Systems and 3D Imaging

Dr. MacArthur uses 3D imaging to help you visualize the potential outcomes of different implant sizes.

  • Sizing Systems: These typically involve using “sizer” implants or bra inserts during your consultation. You can wear these under a form-fitting shirt to get a sense of how different sizes look on your frame.
  • 3D Imaging: This technology creates a virtual image of your body and enables the surgeon to show you how different implant sizes will look on your body.

Implant Size

The implant profile refers to the degree of forward projection from the chest wall in relation to the base width of the implant. There are usually three options: low, moderate, or high profile. Higher profile implants will provide more projection, given the same base width. Depending on your aesthetic goals and body frame, your surgeon will recommend a profile that best suits you.

Fine-tuning Your Decision

After considering all these factors, your surgeon will provide you with a range of implant sizes that suit your body and meet your aesthetic goals. However, the final decision is ultimately yours. 

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