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Get Rid of Stubborn Tummy Fat with Tummy Tuck and Liposuction in Ottawa

Courtney Martin
June 1, 2023
Tummy Tuck Before & After New Age in Ottawa

I’m tired of my stubborn fat, excess skin, and stretch marks on my tummy. What is the best way to get rid of it?

If you’re tired of living with stubborn excess fat around your midsection, a tummy tuck may be the perfect solution. Tummy Tuck surgery is a cosmetic procedure that surgically removes excess fat and skin around the waist. Your abdominal muscles can also be tightened with tummy tuck surgery, resulting in a slimmer, tighter, firmer, more athletic-looking midsection.

At the time of your tummy tuck, Dr. Ian MacArthur will target and remove localized fat deposits to make your abdominal area slimmer, tighter, and more toned. This procedure can also remove loose or sagging skin and stretch marks on the lower part of the abdominal area.

Key Benefits of Tummy Tuck with Liposuction:

  1. Tightened Muscles: Tightening the abdominal muscles can help flatten the stomach area, creating a more attractive appearance and improving posture and core strength.
  2. Removal of Loose Skin: A Tummy Tuck can remove excess, sagging skin from the lower stomach region, often resulting in a flatter and tighter tummy.
  3. Reduction of Stretch Marks: A Tummy Tuck can remove stretch marks that are often seen on the lower abdomen after pregnancy or significant weight loss or weight gain.
  4. Improved Contours: A Tummy Tuck with Liposuction can create improved contours in the lower abdomen area, giving an improved shape to your midsection.
  5. Correction of Abdominal Wall Defects: A Tummy Tuck can help to correct any abdominal wall defects that may be present, such as rectus diastasis or an umbilical hernia.
  6. Improved Clothing Fit: Removing excess skin and fat from the lower abdominal area can make your clothes to fit better, providing increased comfort and confidence.
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